Cement Succulent Planters

DIY: How to easily make cement planters

Firstly you need to go to your local hardware store to buy cement if you don't have some and get what else needs to be added depending on the type you are buying. Mine is not a ready quick dry one and needs sand and water additionally. You also need 2 different sizes of molds, preferably plastic ones: Big one will be the actual size of the planter and the small one is for shaping the the inside hole for soil. You don't really need to buy these, just look around for plastic buckets, old food containers missing the lids or you may have some yogurt packages in the fridge. Round shapes seemed perfect for those but any form you like it fine.

I followed the instructions in my cement package: first mixed the same amount of cement and sand together in the big mold (I actually took some sand from playground, while there were kids around!), then added some water slowly while mixing with a piece of stick until it's muddy but not very liquid. Check the proportions in your cement package for this step.

Once the mixture is ready place the small mold in the middle, push to the bottom carefully by leaving run at least 1-2 cm for the bottom part. It's hard to push at one go, try turning left and right while pressing- This small mold will create the hole for soil. You may want to put something heavy inside the small mold to keep it stable, like a a piece of small rock or whatever you have handy. Leave it to dry, mine took around 1-2 days,. When it's completely dry get rid of the cement molds and place you succulent plant with cactus soil. For different type of plants you may need a bigger hole for soil and taller planter than this ones.

It's super easy, industrial style, cheap, unique shapes for each planter! Can be used as jewellery bowl or bird bath as well!
15 minutes of work excluding the waiting time ;)


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