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I used photoshop before but it was for editing the photos and I and no experience with working with graphics until I started the blog. I had a huge help from my husband for the logo (he actually did it all with my directions) and first thing I made whole by myself with graphics was the cover image for Facebook page. It was an easy one and fun! Then I started to make a desktop wallpaper and I made couple more to share :)

If you like to download to your computer just click on the link for big size downloadable images without the logo.

Click here to download Watercolour Moon Wallpaper

Click here to download Hello Wallpaper

Click here to download Triangles Wallpaper

I cannot really make any photos of projects as it gets dark when I get back from the office, so it seems like I may make many of these this winter for sharing! Let me know if you like them!


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