My very first post!

The very first post: Moroccan Tiles

I've started this blog almost a year ago but it finally felt right to really start posting after our Morocco trip. Well, the blog is not really completed yet, some features may or may not work at the moment but will be fixed as I lean more about HTML and CSS :).

So, yes the first blog post: Moroccan tiles! Me and my husband came back from Morocco couple weeks ago and September was just the right time of the year for everything. We mostly stayed in old medina hostels and walked up and down until we got blisters in Fes el-Bali-a true maze where they also have the oldest leather tannery in the world, ate all kinds of tagines and sipped sweet Moroccan mint tea while resting in the squares and had a refreshing fresh orange juice in Marrakesh square-Djemaa El-Fna-where daily performance start in the morning with snake charmers, henna artists, musicians and bargain shows-street theaters until in midnight when 100 chefs starts taking the food stands and grills from the square to bring back the next evening. After seeing Ourika valley and waterfall we arrived to Ouarzazate-a quite town which had been the crossing point for African traders, then we headed to the Merzouga to Sahara desert and spend a night in a tent in Erg-Chebbi dunes, on the way back stopped in Todra Gorge- a big rock after passing the green valley in between totally deserted area. Our next stop was Essaouira-on the Atlantic cost where they have a fairy tale like port and we had grilled fresh seafood and ended out trip in Chefchaouen -a blue city for chillers in Rif mountains. So in two weeks we've seen all we wanted to see in Morocco and I remembered to shoot couple photos of Moroccan tiles for this post. Maybe I will share some travel photos later on but I want this post to be dedicated to the Moroccan tiles.

I had a thing for Moroccan tiles even before we went to Morocco. It's even one of the reasons I wanted to see Morocco! When we renovated our kitchen last year I wanted Moroccan tiles as backsplash but the choices were limited and it wasn't really budget friendly here in Poland and then we decided to go for subway tiles which I am also very happy with right now. But in Morocco, these beautiful tiles and mosaics are everywhere, in all different shape and colors! In every house and in every corner, even in the poorest neighborhoods. Here are some photos and if you are interested in how there are being made, see the video at the bottom.


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